Thursday, March 27, 2008

I had to share

Grandma Gaye sent Gavin a "Harry Potter" scarf (she made it!), glasses, and magic wand for Easter. This is the cutest thing because he will only wear the scarf for 2 minutes at a time I think because he is like me and a little claustrophobic, but he does it all day. So he will put it on, point his wand at me and say "Ghost, specto trollum!!" And then he will run around for a minute, then take it off and it starts all over. So precious!! I just love these glasses on him, I think he looks like the little boy on "Meet the Robinson's" Thank you Grandma Gaye!! We are all enjoying it!

Easter Buddy!

Here is our cute boy with his Easter eggs. It was kind of sad because he had a fever and an ear infection this day, but still excited to find eggs!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

One of the best days ever!!

Gavin was so cute before we went we told him we were going to Mickey's castle, he just kept looking for the door into this castle. He said he wanted to play with Mickey's toys. He was so precious the whole trip, I think i cried like 20 times!

Our Disney posse

Thanks to Kay, Kaitlin, Kristi, and Ella, we had a blast at Disneyland!!

Disneyland Fans

After the crazy wedding weekend we decided to make it more crazy by going to Disneyland. Thanks to my siblings, Kay and Todd, we go to take Gavin for his first trip to Disneyland! It was a blast, Brent and I had not been for 20 years!! We had so much more fun and enjoyed it more because of Gavin, loved it of course! Kay and Kaitlin joined us, as well as our tour guide and best friend Kristi. She was so great and met us out there and helped us get on the best rides the fastest. We are so grateful to everyone who made this trip possible and fun! We have never got to do a trip like that as a family.

So much fun!

These are my best girls for life! Some of my sisters and I having fun, like always!

I caught this cute pic of my men at Alyssa's wedding!

Alyssa's Wedding

Finally all the Christensen kids are happily married!! My baby sis got married on March 8, she deserves lots of congrats cause her hubby Steve is great and she did all the wedding stuff herself (with a lot of help). But we are proud to have Steve in our family an aren't they a beautiful couple?!

My baby sister's wedding!