Monday, March 22, 2010

Dirty thirties?

Yes, today I turned 30!?! I had a great weekend with Brent, he took me to the Roller Derby!! If you have never gone, GO! We had a blast, we were laughing are heads off at all the hefty girls in tu tu's beating each other down. I loved it, so much better than a movie! He gets bonus points for creativity! Love him!

I guess I never really understood what dirty thirties might have meant until I woke up this morning to Gage who has had a stomach bug the last few days and I will spare you the details, but his stomach bug hit with a vengeance this morning! I thought this is what dirty thirties will mean for me with expecting my 3rd baby, especially if this is another boy!! 3 loads of laundry and 2 baths later, we were all good. Is this what it all means? Thanks all for the bday wishes!