Saturday, June 14, 2008


Ok so just to avoid any misunderstanding, Cletus is not our fetus. It is just a picture I found on WebMD of a fetus the same age as ours. Sorry Kandise!


Sorry I had to add this from one of my friends blogs, I just thought it was hilarious, thanks Annie!

Cletus the Fetus

Here it is,! OUR BABY ,I think it looks just like Brent! I just ran across this picture and I was amazed! I know this is my second kid, but it is just so crazy that my baby already looks like this! Kind of creepy, but really cool. I guess this beer belly has a reason! Can't wait!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Still pregnant and still bored!

It was brought to my attention that my blog needs to be updated, I had to protest because there is nothing very exciting going on. I am still pregnant and hopefully past the "scary" first few months. I am feeling less sick, but still tired. And I am starting to not fit into my regular clothes. So that is fun!

Update on the salon, we are staining the floors this week and the getting the paint finished up, I will have to post some pics. It is really looking good, but I am not holding my breath for our open date, it is 2 years late as it is. Once we have some employees, I will write more.

I found all the ugly pictures of my and made a lovely compilation for you to enjoy, they are nice and small so you can't be too grossed out! Ciao!