Monday, December 5, 2011

Gage turns 3!!

I can't believe how fast 3 years has gone by! We are so happy to have our "Dagey" in our family. He is a total blast and so funny! My favorite things about him right now is how excited he gets about everything right now, he is a ball of energy. His famous sayings: "the name's Dage", "Don't talking about!", "You want to go to timeout? Huh?", "Fioir Dage!", and so many more, I can't even pu them all down! We love him like crazy, and can't wait for the years to come!

Rocket birthday!

personal jet pack

Finally a rocket cupcake!!

Getting ready for Christmas!

All my men

Old people

Christmas buddies

Gage hoarding ornaments

Halloween 2011

Scary punks ( and yes, we dressed up like this for ward party??)

Little Punkin


Harry Potter

Our little man turns 1!!

Graham's 1st birthday
1 really? Seriously, I can't believe we have only had this little man for 1 year! He is such an angel biscuit! He is such a perfect mix of his brothers, a busy body like Gage but super sweet like Gavin. He has the best smiley eyes and the squishiest, buttery, chubby tummy. He was our earliest to cut teeth at 7 months and earliest to walk at 13 months. He can say uh-oh, thank you, apple juice, all done, dada, mama, Todd, and Zach. Graham is Gage's best litttle buddy and they are always getting into trouble toether. So in love with our Danger boy! Happy birthday!