Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Very Snuggly Christmas

Gage's new Christmas outfit, thanks Auntie Kay! "Does he need his big brother?" this is what Gavin says and does everytime he hears Gage cry. My boys!

First smiles

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fingers and Toes

Gage has Brent's long fingers and toes for sure. His pinky toe overlapse the other toe, on his foot print it looks like he has only 4 toes on each foot. He has puppy dog hair, it is all shiny and close to his head.

Gage Cameron Davis

Gage Cameron Davis born December 4, 2008 at 4:10 pm 9lbs 8 oz, 23 inches long. Meet our sweet boy! He is so cuddly and good natured. He looks just like his big brother did, but cries much louder and eats a lot more. We had such a beautiful experience getting him here. I decided to do this one natural in the hospital, we in for such a surprise when he was this big! Brent was able to be WAY more involved and I can't tell you how amazing and patient he was. I never thought I could possibly love him more, he made the whole experience what I wanted it to be. Between Brent, my wonderful mom and the amazing nurse, it is one of the most humbling and truly beautiful experiences I have ever had the honor of being apart of. It was hard to say I would do it again right after it happened, but I have totally seen the benefits and I have to say it is way better than I expected. I would do it all over again tomorrow for Gage, I would be nervous, but I would do it. We are ecstatic and completely in love with him! Gavin was a little cautious around him at first, he was scared he as going to hurt him or make him cry so he did not want to touch him. But now that we are home, he is constantly kissing him and wanting to be near him. He asks a lot of questions and wants to know everything that Gage likes and if it is the same as the stuff he likes. Gavin is so gentle and reminds me all the time how soft I need to be. Life for me is so ideal right now, I feel so much gratitude and love.