Sunday, August 24, 2008


I have hit this major nesting period in my pregnancy and I am loving it. I have so much energy and can still bend a little bit to clean things up, I have been getting so much done. The only problem is that I have been focusing so much on cleaning and organizing that I forgot that Gavin starts preschool tomorrow!! I have so much to do! I have not even helped him get that excited about it, so i hope he does not hate me tomorrow when I just drop him off! I realize every day how big he is getting and he is so independent. I have to soak in the fact that this pregnancy has gone so fast the last almost 6 months, but so has his life, next year he will be in KINDERGARTEN! It is a little sad to think in about 3 months he will no longer be our only child and our only concern. He is such a good boy! I hope the next one will follow in his foot steps. He is constantly kissing my tummy and telling him secrets, I have to take little pictures with my heart cause it will be so different so soon! We are so excited though, I need a little cuddly baby again! Is it me or is it raining babies?! There are 3 girls in my ward all due the same week and then I looked at the list for other pregnancies and there is 15! Yikes! They must be busy up there! Everyone I know is pregnant or just barely had a baby, so if you are not, think about it!