Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gage turns 2

I know this pic is on my sidebar too, but it is too small. You don't get the true effect of Gage in that small pic. This kid has got a larger than life personality and voice, with a good dose of mischievous. And I LOVE this photo cause you can see it if you look close. He is gets excited about anything. And freaks out at nothing. You know where he is in the house by his constant squeals of joy or despair and this boy is so LOUD. What a roller coaster! Gage is wearing mismatched, over sized shoes, always. If I am napping, I will wake to him softly touching my face and giving kisses. He beats on his big brother, loves on his little brother. He just started climbing the pool table, now he can get his wagon up there with him too? How? Leaves random things from the fridge all over the house. He is such a joy when he is happy and such a sausage when he is not. Not sure how I feel about this one turning 2. Love him to bits though. With him, I want to forget house work and play all day... and then I want to cuddle up and have a very long nap!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And here are recent pics of our Graham Danger!

Not sure why my boys get so HUGE so fast, but it is insane. This kid has got to weigh at least 16 lbs and he is barely coming on 3 months! He is a sweet, gooey tub of love! I could not ask for a better baby! He falls asleep at 8,does not want to be held and wakes at 6 to eat and then goes back to sleep until 8:30. And the rest of the day he just smiles at the ceiling fan. Maybe he is intimidated by his middle name?

And here are recent pics of our Graham Danger