Wednesday, September 24, 2008



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Broncos Game!

We lucked out and got some tickets from my generous brother to a Broncos game, thanks so much Todd! It was so much FUN!! I was so glad it was an indoor stadium with air conditioning.
Brent was so adorable! It was like watching a kid at Christmas. He has been a fan since he was little, but this was his first live game. I surprised him and got him some Broncos apparel and we went to a nice dinner, so it made for one awesome night. Gage (the fetus) loved it, I think. It was so loud in there, he was getting into it. I think we have another Broncos fan!

more pics

Catch up!

The Salon!! It is getting closer and closer! We are still managing to find things to hold us up, with the help of the developers and city inspection personnel. But we got all of our equipment delivered and got some treatments on the walls, and our receptionist desk in. SO COOL! I can't wait! Neither can Gage so we better hurry!

So I have melted into my routine and being busy and have not updated my blog. Here are a few things that have been going on: Gavin started school and is loving it! I am always asking him a hundred questions about what he did and what he likes and who his friends are, but he just says "I dunno." Now he just thinks it is funny cause I get all crazy when he does that. He is so so cute! What a sweet kid! There have been a few mornings where I was sick and let him sleep in until 15 minutes before school starts and he just gets right up and gets ready, no problem.