Friday, April 25, 2008


Some of you have already seen this picture, about 7 months ago, sorry about the repeat. Anyhow, yes, this is a bun in the oven! We are locking the door on this one! We are so excited and I am feeling sicker than ever (good sign right?) I am due at the beginning of December! We are just praying that this one will decide to stay, we can't wait! Gavin says that if it is a boy it should be named "Spiky" and if it is a girl "Package". I think he has been getting too many ideas from his Dad.

A visitor!

Yeah, we finally got a visitor to the barren waste land! We got lucky enough to have Jenny and Suzy for a few days! Jenny was a trooper since she is 7 months pregnant and traveling with an almost 2 year old. Jenny, I can't tell you how nice it was to have you around, it just felt like you have always been here! It was not easy with the stairs and Suzy's sleeping schedule, but you made me so happy! I love Jenny to death! Thanks for coming!

Gavin is 4!

Our buddy is so big, he turned 4 on the 15th! He has been so much fun and keeps saying the funniest things!
5 things I love about my boy:
1- His "cute" face, on demand he makes a squishy smile and giggles.
2- "I am going to wind away!" He says that every time the wind blows hard.
3- He always has to have every toy he owns wherever he goes!
4- He is so sensitive. Anytime I get after him about something, he will say that he hurt himself and want me to hug him.
5- He is such a cookie-face, I cannot stop kissing him!!
6- one more, i can't help it, his cuddles in the morning!
He got to share his birthday with a couple cousins and then have a party with his friends. He got extremely spoiled! We are so grateful to all the people that came to share his birthday with him, we had a blast! Happy birthday, Dubs!

My sweet Mexico shoes

While we were in Mexico I had to buy some shoes for our off-shore excursion in the jungle, so we managed to find a Walmart in Puerta Villarta. All the shoes there were in Mexican sizes and Mexicans do not have big feet apparently. I had to find the biggest in the men's department and there was only one pair even that big. They were so ugly, they were the joke of the trip, but I have to say they were pretty comfortable. I think even the Mexican guides were disgusted, maybe it is just cause my feet are huge!

Cruisin' Mexico

There is so much to catch up on! We went on a cruise a few weeks ago with my family and had a blast, I love my family! Every moment we were laughing and being gross and stuffing our faces! It was the perfect amount of relaxing and fun. We went to the Mexican Riveria, Cabo, Puerta Villarta, and Mazatlan. We have to make this a new tradition, it was perfect!