Saturday, February 2, 2008

Christmas 2007

We have got to get better at this!! We had a fantastic holiday season! We started it off by flying to Utah mid December so that Gavin and I could help the Frampton’s out (Brent’s sister’s family). I spent a week with Gavin’s best buds, Parker and Ty. We stayed in beautiful Saratoga Springs while Robyn and Brandon took off for Tennesee. We had a blast all week with the boys, it was nothing but video games, crude humor, and movies, thanks guys! Brent flew in the weekend before I left and we got to have early Christmas with the fam. Thanks to Dad Davis for the use of the car and hosting a family dinner. And Mom Davis the following night wowed us yet again with her delicious food and beautiful new home. We loved being in Utah! We miss the mountains and the snow and just everything about it, it is not fair! We did not know how good we had it up there!

After a week home we took off to Sacramento, Cali. Driving up there was so pretty and so much fun, I loved to be stuck in a small space with my 2 favorite people! Gavin is at such a cute age and he did so well in the car for 14 hours. Brent and I talked and joked the whole way, it was so fun! Kay and Ted’s home was beyond cozy and beautiful. They were the ultimate hosts! Steve and Eva graced us with their presence and made the drive from San Fran, just to spend Christmas Eve with us and my fam, it was so good to see them. We are so glad they could make it. This Christmas was one of the best ever, Gavin got totally spoiled with everything Spiderman, I got an ipod, Brent got ski gear and we all got a trip to Disneyland from Kay and Todd, that was the BEST!! There was so much stuff, we opened presents for hours! The next day we drove to Tahoe, we rented a condo there. We stayed up late playing games and woke early to spend the day on the mountain. A few of us did not ski, but we rode the lift up and played in the snow. Gavin could not get enough, he just wanted to be in the snow constantly, it is definitely in his blood! I was a little concerned because he did not have snow pants, but he did not seem to mind. He, Emily, and Kaitlin spent a good 45 minutes riding Nick’s snowboard like a sled up and down the mountain. It was so fun! We got snowed on on the way home and it took forever, but I am just glad I did not ride with Todd and Cheryl, who did 3 full 360’s on the way home. We were so exhausted by the time we finally got home! We relaxed the next day, the only physical activity was devouring the low-boil Kay and Ted made, ridiculous! On the weekend we celebrated Lynsey’s b-day by spending the day in San Fran. We enjoyed chasing the trolley, eating the best Chinese food ever, and waiting 4 hours at Ghiradelli for ice cream. Gavin was such a trooper he pretty much walked all day and never complained, he is such a good kid! San Fran was awesome as always and we got a clear day, it was beautiful! Everyone else headed back to Sac Town to finish off the holidays and we stayed behind in San Fran to spend the night at Steve’s place. Camryn kept us up playing guitar hero and showing us all her Christmas gifts, she is the cutest! We got to spend the morning with Steve and Cam and then had to head out. We got some caffeine at a gas station and celebrated the new year about an hour away from home. The trip was one of the best and I think Gavin will remember it forever, we will never forget it, thank you everyone!!