Friday, April 25, 2008

Gavin is 4!

Our buddy is so big, he turned 4 on the 15th! He has been so much fun and keeps saying the funniest things!
5 things I love about my boy:
1- His "cute" face, on demand he makes a squishy smile and giggles.
2- "I am going to wind away!" He says that every time the wind blows hard.
3- He always has to have every toy he owns wherever he goes!
4- He is so sensitive. Anytime I get after him about something, he will say that he hurt himself and want me to hug him.
5- He is such a cookie-face, I cannot stop kissing him!!
6- one more, i can't help it, his cuddles in the morning!
He got to share his birthday with a couple cousins and then have a party with his friends. He got extremely spoiled! We are so grateful to all the people that came to share his birthday with him, we had a blast! Happy birthday, Dubs!


Keeping up with the Joneses said...

Happy birthday my man gavin!!! The big 4!! Crazy! He is so dang cute!!