Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ninja swimming party boy

kid sushi

Dont look at the cake, Gage got a hold of it before the party.

Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet boy Gavin!
What can I say about Gavin: At least 10 things!!
1} We are so glad he is our oldest! He has never once hit or pushed Gage who torments him constantly. He always talks so sweet to both his brothers. And he loves to make them laugh
2} He is a great student, works hard at school to get good grades. His teacher Mrs. Fredette loves him!
3} He is such a good helper ALWAYS! He aims to please and does his best.
4} He makes us laugh. He makes up jokes and the have no punch lines. Still learning. :0
5} He is a fact collector. He loves watching anything National Geographic or reading books about animals or places, then he tells us ALL about it.
6} Huge imagination. He will describe one scenario in detail for about 10 minutes and then go off on another tangent for 20 minutes, all from his own mind. I guess that makes him a talker too.
7} He always compliments when he notices something different
8} He is a good friend.
9} He LOVES to swim. He is such a fish, loves the water and wants to be in it all the time.
10} He has a tender heart. Always has. It can make him emotional and it can make him irrational, but it makes him my son. He has always had a sweetness and gentleness. And I am beyond happy he surprised us and made us parents 7 years ago!